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Step 1: Log in to your account / Create an account (Free 30 points for new account registration and you can collect discount point for every purchase)

Step 2: Select the products that you would like to purchase and add to cart.

Step 3: View your cart and click “Check Out”.

Step 4: Key in your billing details, shipping address & Discount Code (optional).

Step 5: Make sure your order is correct, agree with our website T&C and proceed to payment.

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How do I know my order was successfully placed?
You will receive an order confirmation email once the order is placed successfully.

Do I need to create account to order?
Yes, you need to create an account to proceed to the order. We want you to enjoy as our member privileges. Such as collecting point and get discount. Besides that, you will get the latest news of our product’s sale and promotion.

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How if I don’t know how to order in Website?
Please contact us via Facebook messenger to order. We will assist you with the order process.

How to purchase Penguin Taste Homemade Products without order or purchase online?
For your convenience to find our products, we try to find a merchant store in different locations to place our product. So you can buy our products directly at your nearest location without purchasing online. Do take note that not every store has all of our products, but you can visit the link below to find out more: